Hello World

HTML, but better

 1  html {
 2    head {
 3      title "Hello World"
 4      link (href=main.css)
 5    }
 7    body {
 8      h1 "Hello World"
 9      h3(#slogan) "HTML, but better"
10    }
11  }

ftHTML ⊷ HTML imports, variables and simple syntax

Processing ftHTML

using with Node.js

> npm install -g fthtml
const ftHTML = require("fthtml");
      .then(html => console.log(html))

or convert to static resources via CLI:

> fthtml convert ./dir

Why ftHTML?

ftHTML's conception comes from a place of love and inspiration

HTML is beautiful. It still maintains as a powerful tool in the way we build and interact with beautiful web pages, even amidst the sea of frameworks. The goal was to find a balance in fostering the simplicity of HTML while incorporating framework-like capabilities like templates, property binding, variables and string interpolation. I wanted to be able to write code once and reuse it many times, in many places, effectively modularizing all HTML projects

Finally, I wanted to make it as user friendly as possible by omitting HTML's structured markup so developers can code how they code comfortably and creatively

Who should use ftHTML?

ftHTML is intended for all skill levels and all project scopes. It's easy to setup, understand and transition from regular HTML, yet it's powerful enough for seasoned developers who love modularizing their workspace and using variables and templates

ftHTML intends to take HTML markup to the next level. You can create any simple or complex HTML project you've built in the past, but with more, different, features